Michael Acosta (M.Ed. 2017)

As my Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Pristina, Kosovo comes to an end, here are some of my reflections.


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Mindy Eichhorn (Ed.D. 2014)

I am currently an assistant professor in the Education Department at Gordon College, where I teach undergraduate and graduate-level courses in special education, assessment, and early childhood / elementary math methods.


I am involved in a pilot study investigating the challenges out of school youth face in learning mathematics in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. These students face hardships at home – most of them live in extreme poverty, and encounter many environmental stressors, including trauma, which impact their learning in the classroom.


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Judith Obiero (Ed.D. 2014)

Dr. Judith Akinyi Obiero is the Associate Director for the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. The Center is responsible for leadership and professional development of students as well as the non-technical skills they need in order to be successful in their academic and professional engagements.


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Konda Reddy Chavva (M.Ed. 2009; Ed.D. 2014)

Konda Chavva is a consultant with FAO India. He provides technical assistance in the design and implementation of "Farmer Field Schools (FFS)" in India to improve farmers’ adaptive capacity and strengthen their resilience to climate change and variability.


He helped design the FFS curriculum on improved goat management practices for the South Asia Pro-Poor Livestock Promotion Program. He was also part of the global team of FFS trainers and experts who drafted the FFS Guidance Document, which provides insight into programming and implementation.


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Amina Davlatshoeva (Ed.D. 2014)

Greetings and Salam! I was born in Pamir, which is famous for its name “The Roof of the World”. Pamir is centered in the Tajikistan region of Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast. My background is diverse. I earned my Nursing degree and then worked in a cardiology hospital as a nurse. I then applied for Medical Biology degree in Khorog State University in Tajikistan. My Bachelor's degree in Medical Biology helped me to understand the whole world of science and biology in high mountainous areas.

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Hunter Gray (M.Ed. 2014)

Hunter writes from Bangkok where he is working on a second Master’s degree and is doing an internship in the summer of 2015.


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Elshyamaa Ahmed


My focus was always on how to educate people (minorities and uneducated) about good health practices. I was always thinking, what as an educator should I know before teaching people. I realized that in order to reach people’s minds, I need to know how, so my work will be effective.


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Ryke Pribudhiana (M.Ed. 2014)


My name is Ryke Pribudhiana and I am a new student in CIE. You can call me Pri. I think my nickname is easy to say and remember. I work in Jakarta, but my hometown is Bandung. Jakarta is a nice place to pursue my carrier while Bandung is a right place to live. From Monday to Friday, I used to stay in Jakarta and in the weekend I go back home to Bandung.

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Sebastian Per David Lindstrom

I, Sebastian Per David Lindstrom, hail from Sweden where I served in the Swedish Military Special Forces, learning, among other things, how to survive in -30 Celsius weather. After the chilly winters of Sweden, I thawed, graduating from the University of Hong Kong's International Business and Global Management program. I have also consumed knowledge at educational institutions in Singapore, China and Korea.

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Yaëlle Stempfelet (M.Ed. 2014)


As I look around my first classes at the CIE, it reminds me of looking around the multi-cultural classes of my childhood and youth. Growing up in New York City’s melting pot, in a French-American household, I attended the United Nations International School. There were always people of different countries and backgrounds, and different languages being spoken. This was the environment of my youth. This international exposure was fundamental to my interest in International Education.


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