Yixiu (Christina) Chen (M.Ed. 2015)

After graduating, I returned to my home state of Minnesota and worked with CAPI USA to provide community engagement and civic education to refugees and immigrants. I then worked with the Community Education department of Minneapolis Public Schools where I managed an afterschool program for international baccalaureate students with a focus on socio-emotional learning and culturally responsiveness as well as piloted community outreach strategies in order to attract diverse students. 


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Gulzat Kochorova (M.Ed. 2013)

After graduating from the CIE, I worked for a year as the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator with USAID's "Reading Together" project implemented by the American Institutes for Research. My main task with the project was to travel to the regions and train local early educators in conducting EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) tests at schools, and then preparing collected data for analysis. I joined the project team for its first phase, and was able to participate in the baseline data collection.

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Mei Lan Frame (Ph.D. 2020)

Greetings! My name is Mei Lan Frame and I came to the Center of International Education after 15 years of working in education as a teacher, trainer and consultant across several countries in the Asia and South Asia region. Throughout my work and research, I have engaged issues that include rural education in India, China, and Thailand, teacher education and professional norms amongst teachers in Beijing, and the role that culture (both institutional and social) plays in shaping education.


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Noorullah Noori (M.Ed. 2013)

Since my graduation from CIE in 2013, I have had the honor of working with various international aid agencies and professionals in Afghanistan and USA. In December 2013, I joined the Collective Transformations Organization (a local Afghan civil society organization) as the Country Program Manager. I managed and supervised the programmatic activities (e.g. civics education, teacher education, career-skill building, community mobilization, rule of law, women empowerment and youth advocacy networking) throughout the country.


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Maguette Diame (Ph.D. 2020)

My Ph.D. program at the College of Education is in International education and development with a focus on education policies, administration, and research.

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Ezekiel Abdullahi Babagario (Ph.D. 2019)

My studies at CIE helped shape my perspective of how the world of education works. I left a career in the Nigeria Air Force because of the incessant interreligious conflicts between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria and came to CIE in order to learn how education could be used to contribute to peaceful coexistence among the adherents.


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Kefah Barham (Ed.D. 2013)

After my graduation in 2014, I returned home to West Bank, Palestine. There, I started teaching at An-Najah National University in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training. Besides my teaching, I got involved as a trainer - training material designers, and as the cluster coordinator in Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD), and with the Teacher Education Improvement Program TEIP 2. These projects were funded by USAID and the World Bank and aimed at enhancing in-service teacher competencies.


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Paul Frisoli (M.Ed. 2007; Ed.D. 2013)

In January 2020, Paul joined the LEGO Foundation as a Senior Program Specialist supporting the foundation's new humanitarian portfolio with a focus on reaching school-aged and out-of-school children in crisis settings with Learning through Play interventions. The foundation supports holistic childhood development using play as a vehicle to build upon children's cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative skills.


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Benjamin N. Oganga (M.Ed. 2013)

Benjamin Oganga is currently serving as an Assistant Director for Secondary Education in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) in Dodoma, Tanzania. He was previously Education Coordinator and Principal Education Coordinator.


Oganga has also worked as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as for the Kigoma Regional Administration, focusing on the Kigoma Special Economic Zone.


He wrote to CIE about this work after he graduated in 2013:


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Ricardo Leon Gomez Yepes (Ed.D. 2013)

After completing his doctoral program at CIE, Ricardo returned to Colombia. He is back at University of Antioquia, his home institution, working as a teacher of quantitative research and evaluation methods. He also works as a policy analyst and consultant for several government agencies and private organizations.


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