Thomas A. Coon (M.Ed. 2012)

Before coming to CIE, Tom served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia. He came to UMass looking to prepare himself for a teaching career in science and EFL, both internationally and domestically.


After graduating he taught in Novosibirsk, Russia for a year, and then taught at a charter school in Providence Rhode Island for another year.  After that he worked for five years at the CATS Academy in Boston teaching science and ESL science. He also served as chair of the Science Department.


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Tatiana Krayushkina (M.Ed. 2012)

After leaving CIE Tatiana returned to Tajikistan where she did some freelancing and helped the international school, where she had worked before, to prepare for accreditation.


She then went to Israel for an education training course with Mashav before looking for new opportunities.  After looking at possibilities in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and China, she decided to take a position in China.  She spent several years teaching in an international school in Wuhan where she taught first and second grade students.  The children were from many different countries.


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Ryke Pribudhiana (M.Ed.2014)

After graduating from CIE Ryke returned to his position as Assistant Manager with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Directorate General of Early Childhood, Non-Formal and Informal Education.  In that role he was responsible for conducting evaluations of various programs and leading workshops.


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Nigar Khan (Ed.D. 2012)

I recently retired from the University of Massachusetts Amherst after spending more than four decades in the academic administration. My association with the School of Education goes back to the 1970’s when I had just completed a Master's degree in Political Science. It was the start of a beautiful relationship, as my career and education at the University went side by side until I completed my doctorate in 2012.


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Yaëlle Stempfelet (M.Ed. 2014)

Yaëlle completed a Master’s Degree at CIE in International Education focusing on the intersection of early childhood education and international development.  Her studies and research while at CIE helped solidify her commitment to holistic, culturally-relevant, and developmentally-appropriate early childhood education.


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Colleen King McHugh (M.Ed. 2012)

After completing my master's degree, I worked for Springfield public Schools for 7 years and continued my learning at Springfield College to become a Special Education teacher. I also worked in international student travel and for Elderhostel international, mainly in West Africa.  For the past two years I have been working as a special education teacher in Northampton, MA.


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J. Aukram Burton (CAGS 2012)

Aukram became the Executive Director at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage (KCAAH) in 2015. KCAAH's goals are to enhance the public's knowledge about African Americans' history, heritage, cultural contributions in Kentucky, and African Diaspora. In addition to its commitment to preserving the past's traditions and accomplishments, the Center is a vital, contemporary institution, providing space for exhibitions and performances of all types.

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Martha (Nyongani) Sineta (M.Ed. 2003; Ed.D. 2012)

After completing my degree at CIE I returned to Malawi and continued with my work as a district education manager. My job involves overseeing all the educational activities at the district level, working under the Lilongwe City Council as the Director of Education, Youth and Sports in Lilongwe district. There are three district education managers (now called Chief Education Officer) under me plus the youth and sports officers. I coordinate the work of these five plus all those under them. In total I look after slightly over 550 primary schools in Lilongwe district.

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Abraham Sineta (M.Ed. 2003; Ed.D. 2012)

After graduating from UMASS in 2012, I returned to Malawi and continued to work as a District Education Manager for Zomba rural District. There, I worked with Primary school Headteachers of more than 200 primary schools, overseeing the implementation of education activities at that level.


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Andrea S. Ayvazian (M.Ed. 1997; Ed.D. 2012)

Since completing her studies at CIE, Andrea has worked as a lecturer in the Department of Health Promotion and Policy, School of Public Health and Health Sciences at UMass Amherst.  Her areas of specialization include community health education in vulnerable populations; community-engaged research to reduce health disparities; learner-centered curriculum design and teaching; women’s reproductive health; and global health.


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