Karla Giuliano Sarr (M.Ed. 2010; Ed.D. 2015)

Karla Giuliano Sarr is an assistant professor in International Education at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont and a co-chair of that department. She instructs both face-to-face and online and teaches courses focusing on an overview of international education, M&E, Indigenous education, non-formal education and language issues in education.


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Yang Gyeltshen (Ph.D. 2016)

Yang Gyeltshen is currently leading a group of five teachers for Lhomon Education, a project of the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative, a registered civil society organization in Bhutan. The Initiative aims to bring education alternatives to eastern Bhutan and beyond.


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Assela M. Luena (M.Ed. 2012)

Here in Tanzania we are healthy, trying cope with challenging social and economic dynamics. There are a lot of educational reforms taking place in the country, and you can see changes of my address below. I'm now working for the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). I'm grateful for the competence I gained at CIE, it makes my life easier to adapt the changes quickly!


I hope the entire CIE family is doing fine. You are all in my heart, my best family in Amherst. [1/15]


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Nigel Brissett (Ed.D. 2010)

After completing my doctorate, I worked at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts as an adjunct faculty in the fall of 2010, teaching a graduate course in development theory.


I continued at Clark in spring 2011 and facilitated a graduate seminar on project management for social change. During this time, I also returned briefly to CIE for a second stint to work on an extension to the Afghanistan Higher Education project.


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Judith Johannes (M.Ed. 2012)

After graduating from CIE in February 2012 I returned to my former position at the Office of the European Union Representative West Bank and Gaza Strip, where I am currently working on the design of a basic infrastructure and land rehabilitation and development program. In this place on Earth development is inextricably interwoven with politics. This makes the work interesting but also very challenging.


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Valerie Kurka (M.Ed. 2012)

Immediately after graduating, I worked with Ash Hartwell and CIE students Jacob Carter and Milka Ndura on the Global Citizens' Initiative which brought 13 leaders from around the world to Amherst for a 2-week course in Global Citizenship.


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Mshauri Abdulla Khamis (M.Ed. 2012)

After getting my Master’s degree, I returned to Tanzania and was posted to the Department of Secondary Education as a head of the Secondary Education Division in Zanzibar. Four months later, I moved to Dar es Salaam, after being selected to work with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), in the Secretariat. Once again I left my family and worked on the mainland for 14 months.


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Ola Khalili (Ed,D, 2010)

I’ve come to CIE as a doctoral student from the Holy Land - Palestine, one of 24 participants in the Palestinian Faculty Development Program which brings university faculty to study in doctoral programs in the U.S


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Gopal Midha (M.Ed. 2010)

Gopal Midha defended his dissertation in November 2019 and will receive his Ph.D. in December 2019 at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He is currently looking for opportunities to work with international education programs in academia.,


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Jacob Carter (M.Ed. 2012)

Cross-cultural experiences have been a common thread in my life, both domestically and internationally. I grew up in rural North Carolina and at the age of 12, moved to a suburb of NYC. I remember other students looking curiously as I chewed on tall blades of grass and wore sandals and shorts to school despite the cold weather. They were shocked with my seemingly intimate relationship with straw, that I didn't own a pair of jeans and with my strange accent.

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