Jenise L. Holloway (M.Ed. 2009)

Before coming to CIE Jenise worked as a volunteer with SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru) as the micro-enterprise manager.  She managed loans and monitored small business recipients of a program sponsored by a British NGO.


Jenise also worked at Williams College in Massachusetts. In the early 2000’s she was the Assistant Director of Admission.  She then worked as Director of Professional and Partnership Programs at Quest for College program at Williams College.


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Bonnie Sylwester (M.Ed. 2009)

Before coming to CIE Bonnie spent two years as an English Teaching Fellow in Bolivia.  After that she worked as an English language teacher, teacher trainer and curriculum developer in several different countries including Namibia, South Korea, Bolivia, Spain and Mexico.


After finishing her Master’s degree with CIE, Bonnie moved to Hawai’i and enrolled in a doctoral program in Second Language Studies.  She completed her doctorate in 2017 with a dissertation that focused on the program assessment of an applied linguistics program.


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Delawar Darmal (M.Ed. 2009)

My educational background from CIE and skills gained during my studies in CIE enabled me to join the education sector where I could apply the knowledge and skills for the development of the education sector of Afghanistan.


After I graduated from CIE, I rejoined Baghlan University as Assistant Professor and taught in the undergraduate program training both in-service and pre-service teachers. In 2011, I worked with World Bank as Research Consultant with the assignment to evaluate the establishment of School Management Committees.


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Erin Myers (M.Ed. 2009)

After graduating from CIE, I continued to work in direct service and community organizing both in locally and internationally. I started as the Program Director for an organization in Turners Falls called The Brick House Community Resource Center, where Joanie Cohen-Mitchell was Executive Director in the early 2000s. Joanie pioneered a number of remarkable programs, most notably, M.I.N.D., a leadership development program for women in the community. 


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Sayed Sarwar Yaqubi (M.Ed. 2009)

Since 2018 I have been serving as the Dean of the Education Faculty at Jawzjan University in northern Afghanistan which keeps me busy with the administration affairs of the Education Faculty.


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Ahmad Khalid Mowahed (M.Ed. 2009)

After graduating from CIE in 2009, Ahmad Khalid Mowahed returned to Afghanistan and his teaching position at Balkh University (BU). From 2010-2017, he taught undergraduate algebra and statistics courses for pre-service and in-service high school teachers in the Faculty of Education. His main area of interest is helping students to become effective mathematics teachers for today’s high schools.

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M. Javad Ahmadi (Ph.D. 2017)

Javad Ahmadi completed his degree requirements at the end of 2016 and returned to Afghanistan. His dissertation focused on capacity development and workplace learning at the Afghan Ministry of Education, Department of Planning.


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Mukul Acharya (M.Ed. 2003; Ed.D. 2009)

Mukul Acharya is currently working in academic affairs at Kean University. He provides leadership and support of Kean’s accreditation and assessment. Institutional accreditation has been his major focus for a year and will continue to be a significant priority for another year and a half as Kean is currently undergoing its self-study, a requirement for renewal of its accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


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Laura Gluck (M.Ed. 2011)

After completing my master’s degree at CIE, I worked at WestEd's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program as a researcher for 6 years. One big project I worked on was a federally-funded, longitudinal randomized controlled trial examining the impact of a math intervention in low-income preschool and kindergarten programs. I also worked on a number of edtech evaluation and research projects related to different educational areas including special education, early childhood education, English language learners, math, science, and computer coding.


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Amber Cano-Martin (M.Ed. 2009)

Before coming to CIE, I worked for a popular education NGO in Guatemala for two and a half years. I was a community educator in rural, indigenous areas teaching about citizen participation in government. The experience was humbling and completely life changing, and I was hooked. I took a job in El Salvador with another non-profit, where I facilitated relationships between U.S.-based organizations and their counterpart communities in El Salvador which supported grassroots community development projects.


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