Daniel Koroma (M.Ed. 2000; CAGS 2007)

After graduating from CIE, I returned home to Sierra Leone, West Africa in January 2008. I got a job in February 2011 with a multinational company called Addax Bioenergy, (S/L) Ltd. based in Switzerland.  As the Social Affairs Coordinator I was the middle man between the Company and local communities within the project area.


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Kefah Barham (Ed.D. 2013)

After my graduation in 2014, I returned home to West Bank, Palestine. There, I started teaching at An-Najah National University in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training. Besides my teaching, I got involved as a trainer - training material designers, and as the cluster coordinator in Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD), and with the Teacher Education Improvement Program TEIP 2. These projects were funded by USAID and the World Bank and aimed at enhancing in-service teacher competencies.


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Urakorn (Toon) Fuderich (Ed.D. 2007)

Toon and Rob Fuderich have returned to Amherst, although this time not for the usual two-three week home leaves as has been the case during their three-decade journey, but to stay for a while.   


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Lisa Deyo (Ed.D. 2007)

In a recent update Lisa reports:


Since March 2018, I have been working with Creative Associates International as the Deputy Chief of Party for the READ II project in Ethiopia. In that role, I oversee the technical components of the project. I'll be finishing up here at the end of October.  I am looking forward to spending more time in the US. [8-19]


Lisa wrote to CIE in 2007:


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Erin Myers (M.Ed. 2009)

Since graduating from CIE, I continue to work in direct service and community organizing both in locally and internationally. I am the Programs Director for an organization in Turners Falls called The Brick House Community Resource Center, where Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, also a CIE graduate, was Executive Director in the early 2000s.

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Ricardo Leon Gomez Yepes (Ed.D. 2013)

After completing his doctoral program at CIE, Ricardo returned to Colombia. He is back at University of Antioquia, his home institution, working as a teacher of quantitative research and evaluation methods. He also works as a policy analyst and consultant for several government agencies and private organizations.


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Dwaine Lee (M.Ed. 2000; Ed.D. 2007)

Dwaine Lee first learned about CIE while serving in Uganda with the Peace Corps from 1995-1997.  CIE was working on a USAID education program strengthening the Ugandan primary education sector and Dwaine was assigned as a teacher trainer in the same schools and teachers’ colleges where CIE was engaged.  Through that work, he met CIE’s Renuka Pillay, who was working for CIE in Uganda.


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Konda Reddy Chavva (M.Ed. 2009; Ed.D. 2014)

Konda Chavva is a consultant with FAO India. He provides technical assistance in the design and implementation of "Farmer Field Schools (FFS)" in India to improve farmers’ adaptive capacity and strengthen their resilience to climate change and variability.


He helped design the FFS curriculum on improved goat management practices for the South Asia Pro-Poor Livestock Promotion Program. He was also part of the global team of FFS trainers and experts who drafted the FFS Guidance Document, which provides insight into programming and implementation.


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Mary Monica Gomes (Ed.D. 2007)

Things have been very busy here for the past few years. I have been working as Professor and Coordinator of the M.Ed. program at the Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University since December 2011. In developing this innovative MEd Program, the Center for International Education (CIE) has been my valuable guide.

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Mohammad Tariq Habibyar (M.Ed. 2009)

Tariq Habibyar completed his PhD in Education at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2016. His research there focused on Hegemonic Forces Influencing Education in Afghanistan and Methods of Resistance of Afghan Educational Activists.


He wrote to CIE in February 2016:


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