Nancy Sosnowski (Ed.D. 2002)

Since graduation 2002, as an instructor/adjunct faculty member I have developed and taught a number of courses in global and multicultural education for preservice and graduate teacher program at UMass Amherst, Salem State University, Northern Essex Community College and the Northeast Consortium For Global Education. I also worked as a substitute teacher for 5 years at all grade levels and special education in 5 districts in Boston’s North Shore area.


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Kaylen Jorgensen (M.Ed. 2002)

October 2020 finds me living in a small town in Tasmania, working with local government in the area of land management. I live off-grid where I enjoy watching the sun rise over the ocean each morning and receive regular visits from wallabies, pademelons (right), possums, echidnas and a wide array of birds.


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Mark DeMoranville (Ed.D. 2002)

Since graduating in 2002, my professional time has included a balance of teaching in higher education, non-profit management, educational program development, and volunteer service promoting environmental sustainability and a green and prosperous economy.


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Dezie Trigu (M.Ed. 2004)

After completing his Master’s degree at CIE, Dezie returned to his job with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology where he started work in 1991.  He had worked variously as a teacher, Methods Advisor and Tikwere Outreach Coordinator for the Malawi College of Distance Education.  In 2013 he retired from the Civil Service after 22 years of service.


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Yihong Fan (Ed.D. 2002)

Fan Yihong was a professor of Higher Education at the Institute of Education Research, Xiamen University, P.R. CHINA from 2004-2015, then an advisory professor at the Center for Faculty Development, Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) from 2015-2017, and finally is now in the Dean’s Office at SWJTU, 2018-2019.


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Henry Gwede (M.Ed. 2004)

After graduating from CIE in 2004 I returned to my job at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) as a District Education Manager coordinating primary school education activities.


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M. Catherine Mukimba (Ed.D. 2009)

The opportunity to grow up with multiple educational and work experiences in a global context has made me the kind of educator I am today: one focused on using the extensive opportunities I have had to foster positive change to improve lives through education. Studying at the Center for International Education at UMass nurtured my practical approach to education and my role as a global citizen.


Since my graduation, I have concurrently worked as educator on two fronts that are dear to my personal and professional goals.


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Natasha Kovalyova (M.Ed. 2002)

Natasha (Natalia) Kovalyova is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of North Texas at Dallas. Her areas of expertise include communication studies, rhetoric and language and political communication.  


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Elena V. (Khatskevich) Nuciforo (M.Ed. 2002)

Elena received her Master of Education degree at the UMass Center for International Education through an Edmund Muskie Fellowship provided by the US Department of State to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Elena came to CIE in 2000 from the city of Ulan-Ude in Eastern Siberia where she was a lecturer of English at Buryat State University.


After completing her Master of Education, Elena returned to Russia to work as a program manager at the Center for Communication Programs of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Moscow.


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Karen Campbell-Nelson (Ed.D. 2002)

Karen Campbell-Nelson is a professor in the Faculty of Theology of Artha Wacana Christian University in West Timor, Indonesia. She teaches courses in theological English, gender and theology, and social research methods, and serves on the editorial board of the graduate program’s academic journal, Eureka. Her research focuses on gender, human rights and transitional justice. [2/17]


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