Kevin L. Jacobson (M.Ed. 1997)

Based in Chicago, Kevin works in the Global Mission unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) as Manager for Relationships to East and Southern Africa.  Kevin's main responsibility is facilitating and strengthening existing relationships between various Lutheran churches across the East and Southern Africa region with different expressions of the ELCA: congregations, synods, colleges/universities and seminaries.

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David Bell (Ed.D. 2001)

David Bell is Associate Professor of International Development and Social Change in the Department of International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University in Worcester, MA. He is also currently IDCE Coordinator of Experiential Learning and IDCE Interim Director. [2/17]


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James MacNeil (M.Ed. 2000)

James MacNeil is currently Vice President of the Asia and Special Projects Division at World Education, based in Boston and overseeing education and development programs in Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. [Left - in Thailand]


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Valerie Haugen (Ed.D. 1997)

“The SDGs are underpinned by a commitment to inclusive development. But we don't really know how to 'do' inclusive development, including in the education sector…”


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Ann Hartman (M. Ed. 1997)

I continue to work as a Seminars Program Specialist at the East-West Center in Honolulu, where I have been since 2002. My main role is to coordinate short term professional development and exchange programs for younger leaders (aged 25-40) and for journalists from Asia Pacific and the United States. Like CIE, our programs are unique in that they bring participants from countries across the Asia Pacific region and from the United States together for collaborative learning through dialogue, seminar sessions and travel.

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Rita Raboin (M.Ed. 1997)

Rita Raboin is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur in northern Brazil:


I am presently Coordinator for the Pastoral Land Commission, which is a support of the Catholic Church for families who work on small plots of land either in the fields or, in our case, along the rivers. We seek to help the people analyze their situation and see what they can do to remain on the land.


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