Phyllis Robinson (Ed.D. 1997)

Phyllis founded an organizational development and consulting firm called Courageous Crossings which provides training, coaching, leadership retreats, and teaches contemplative practices to aid development workers during their R&R from refugee hot spots to help reduce stress/burnout.


She has been living on the island of Maui since 2005 where she served on the Maui County Board of Water Supply for five years and served as Chair in her final year.


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Judy K. Hofer (M.Ed. 1991)

Since graduating from CIE, Judy Hofer has spent her entire professional career immersed in literacy education. As a fresh graduate, she ran the Ware Adult Education Center, a site of The Literacy Project, where she started a lifelong journey of addressing the impacts of violence and trauma on learning, especially on women. To this day these first students remain her inspiration for having taken such personal risk in naming the violence they experienced and creating a video to encourage others to get support and speak out.


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Yuri Kumagai (M.Ed. 1994; Ed.D. 2004)

Yuri had the following to say about “Life after CIE?”


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Elias Moning (Ed.D. 2006)

Elias Moning is currently Director of Gaharu Kencana Estate Villa or “Ghrookeville” in West Java, Indonesia, an agro-eco-property development that emphasizes economic and environmental values by using traditional architecture for building, conserving the endangered Gaharu species by planting Gaharu trees, and facilitating the cultivation of durian and mangosteen fruit trees over their 6 hectares of land.


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Valerie Haugen (Ed.D. 1997)

“The SDGs are underpinned by a commitment to inclusive development. But we don't really know how to 'do' inclusive development, including in the education sector…”


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Michele Sedor (M.Ed. 1993)

Michele Sedor has worked at the System for Adult Basic Education Support (SABES) in Massachusetts since 1999. Formerly the Western Regional Director, she now works with the SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership and Strengthening Programs. SABES provides professional development for adult basic education programs and staff throughout the state. 


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Helen Fox (Ed.D. 1991)

Although I used to think I would teach forever, I made the decision to retire from the University of Michigan in 2013. I had some issues with the frozen North, as well as another book to write. That book, “Fractured: Race Relations in ‘Post-Racial’ American Life” (2015, Peter Lang) contains what I began to learn about race at CIE in the 1980s and then, after a good deal of study, what I taught at the U of M for nearly 20 years.

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Mishy Lesser (Ed.D. 1996)

I am co-founder and Learning Director of the Upstander Project, a small Boston-based nonprofit that helps “bystanders” become “upstanders” through social issue documentary films and related learning resources. I spend much of my time curating primary source materials related to our films, creating learning activities with those materials, and working with secondary history and social studies teachers.


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Marilyn Gillespie (Ed.D. 1991)

Marilyn Gillespie is an educational researcher and specialist in college/career readiness and literacy. Since leaving CIE, her work has focused on research, planning and evaluation of literacy education, English language learning, and workforce education.


Recent projects include the Global Reading Network, a community of practice for improving early grade reading in developing countries; revising the literacy and work readiness components of a 3-year program for Liberian youth; and developing standards for the Oregon Adult Basic Education System.


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