Marisa Suhm (Ed.D. 1999)

Since leaving CIE, I have had an eclectic and fulfilling professional life and worn many hats. CIE gave me the confidence and the tools to be creative, to contribute, and to thrive anywhere.


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Saeed O. Fahia (Ed.D. 1992)

After graduating from UMass in 1992, I resettled in Canada and volunteered with the Somali Canadian Youth Association of Ottawa, Ontario. I assisted the with after school programming and fundraising for the youth.


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Donald Back (M.Ed. 1989)

I currently serve as director or the Language and Culture Institute (LCI) at Virginia Tech, where I have been employed for the last 15 years.  In my role as a leader in international affairs, I represent the university with EducationUSA offices, foreign universities, international aid organizations, scholarship offices and globally minded businesses. Over the last several years, I have visited nearly 20 countries and given presentations on Virginia Tech to over a dozen leading universities.


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Mohamed Dirir (M.Ed. 1989; Ed.D. 1993)

My Family and I live in West Hartford, Connecticut where I have worked for over 28 years at the Performance Office of the Connecticut Department of Education as a senior psychometrician. My role has been to conduct or supervise all psychometric work for the Department, such as test construction, equating, scaling, and validation. I also coordinate test data management, auditing, and analyses. My team and I check yearly test results, and ensure the accuracy of scores for all students.


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Keshab Thapaliya (M.Ed. 1989; Ed.D 2003)

In the early 80s I began my journey in the field of education and community development by joining a team at the Ministry of Education in Nepal as a curriculum specialist, where I was exposed to the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. It led me to become interested in CIE’s work, after which I enrolled in its M.Ed program in 1987, and the Ed.D in 1990.


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Peggy Antrobus (Ed.D. 1997)

I completed my doctorate at CIE after retirement.

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Rebecca Bunnell (M.Ed. 1989)

After completing her masters at CIE in 1989, Becky worked in Uganda with Médecins Sans Frontières and then with TASO, Africa’s first indigenous HIV/AIDS NGO. This work led her to get her doctorate in Public Health at Harvard. In 1996 she joined the Centers for Disease Control as an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS/Disease Detective) as a post-doc. At CDC, she has served in Atlanta and California, and then ten years in Uganda and Kenya.

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Jill Tucker (M.Ed. 1987)

Jill has lived in Hong Kong for the past 6 years where she heads up the labour rights programme for the Laudes Foundation.  She says of life in Hong Kong:


Despite a recent spike in Covid-19 cases, people all wear masks here and are observant of measures needed to get things under control.  The political situation is a mess, but it's inspiring to live in a place where the majority of the population feels and acts passionately to protect their (beleaguered) democracy. 


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Patricia Maguire (Ed.D. 1987)

After 25 years as a faculty member at Western New Mexico University in the Gallup Graduate Studies Center, Pat retired in 2011 and is now a Professor Emeritus. During her career she published many articles and book chapters based on her career-long commitment to Participatory Action Research, particularly as it links to feminism and teaching.

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Margaret McLaughlin (Ed.D. 1983)

Max sent an update for 2021. She and her husband Steve have relocated to Cape Cod where both are now retired.


Margaret regularly conducts life coaching on a gratis basis for female clients through various social service organizations including her local jail. She also volunteers at her town food pantry and works to support an organization in Haiti.


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