Sumon K. Tuladhar (Ed.D. 1994)

Sumon is currently working as an Equity Specialist with British Council/ADB Nepal and is responsible for ensuring equity in the School Sector Development Plan of the government of Nepal.


Previously she worked as the Nepal Team Leader for the project “Youth and Uncertainty: Marginalised Young People's Strategies in Fragile and Conflict Affected Situations in Ethiopia and Nepal,” funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the Department for International Development (DFID) Poverty Fund. (2016 to 2019).


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Antonia Tingitana (M.Ed. 1988)

About ten years ago, we left the city of Dar Es Salaam to return to the community in Kilimanjaro where both my husband and I were born. Our goal was to add value to the lives of the community members. We started with the most basic need: clean and safe water. With help from our friends within and outside our community, we spearheaded a fund drive and raised enough money to sink a well, 92 meters deep. The water quality turned out to exceed WHO standards.


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Nancy Molin Longatan (M.Ed. 1988)

After graduating from CIE, I spent 10 years in Nepal, 4 years in Japan, and 7 years in the Philippines. I have done some freelance writing on the edited website "Suite 101" as well as some print publications, but mainly have been working on language and cultural immersion among the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera of Northern Luzon. I also started teaching an online course in cross-cultural communication and culture shock.  It is a basic introduction for anyone about to go and live in a new and strange place.  It's a self-paced course that should take about six weeks to complete.

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Sue Thrasher (M.Ed. 1994; Ed.D. 1996)

Before coming to UMass Sue spent more than 20-years involved in social activism in the South. In 1964, she helped organize the founding meeting of the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC), an organization dedicated to engaging white southern college students in the civil rights struggle. After spending the summer of 1964 as a volunteer with Mississippi Freedom Summer, she returned to Nashville to work full time with SSOC.  


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Joan Dixon Heckel (Ed.D. 1995)

After leaving CIE and finishing up the contract for the Nepal Literacy Linkage Project in 1996, I moved to Indonesia where I spent the next 3½ years working as a consultant for the Directorate of Community Education (DIKMAS) developing the Adult Functional Literacy Program. This was the third World Bank funded project continuing the work CIE started in the 1970s. Many of the Indonesians I worked with knew the principles of NFE because of the foundation laid by CIE.


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Susie Rauch (Ed.D. 1995)

Susie Rauch founded and served for 17 years as Executive Director of Interconnections 21 (IC21), a non-profit organisation based in Jackson, Wyoming, dedicated to helping US schools and communities “learn about critical world concerns and take action”.


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Mark Meassick (M.Ed. 1989)

In June 2018, Mark Meassick was sworn in as Mission Director of USAID Kenya and East Africa.  He has worked for USAID in various capacities since 2005, most recently as the USAID Uganda Mission Director.


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Oliver P. J. Mhaiki (M.Ed. 1986)

Recently Oliver came out of retirement as he was appointed as Chairman of the Tanzania Teacher Service Commission. The commission is in principle the employer of all teachers in Tanzania a primary and secondary schools and in teacher training colleges. [8-16]


I am now retired after working as a civil servant for almost 40 years. I last served as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and before that for many years in the Ministry of Education. After retiring, I am working with St. Joseph University of Engineering and Technology on special duties.

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Dawn (Gordon) Courage (M.Ed. 1986)

After finishing her Master's degree, Dawn went on to complete her doctorate in Instructional Leadership (Cultural Diversity and Curriculum Reform) at UMass  in 1993.  She then worked in Boston in inner city schools, in Hawaii in educational research and with Hawaiian Education, and as a Race Relations/ Multicultural Consultant with the Vancouver School Board.


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Mark Lynd (M.Ed. 1998; Ed.D. 1994)

Mark Lynd was just elected as Vice-Chair of the Basic Education Coalition (BEC) Executive Board for 2017-2018. The Coalition is comprised of 26 member organizations working to ensure that all children around the world have access to a quality basic education.


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