Basha Vianne Hicks (Ed.D. 1986)

Basha Hicks passed away in February 2017
Her obituary can be found Here.


Before coming to CIE Basha was a PCV in Venezuela where she did field work and helped with management, designing and developing trails for the Guatopo National Park.


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James W. Mangan (M.Ed. 1977; Ed.D. 1981)

James Mangan passed away in August 2008
His obituary can be found Here.


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Anne Lungowe Sikwibele (CAGS 1985)

After leaving CIE, Anne earned her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. She then embarked on a long and distinguished career in higher education in southern Africa. She held academic and leadership roles and served on various commissions relating to education policy, education technology and gender in Botswana, India, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, and Swaziland.


Her career led to her current appointment in the spring of 2022 as Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Zambia (UNZA).


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Michael Frith (Ed.D. 1988)

I spent 10 years living and working in Asia on a variety of projects.  Stemming in part from my dissertation research on rabid dogs in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I worked in Nepal with World Health on a rabies eradication program.  In Sri Lanka I worked on a UNICEF project on women and children nutrition – the Mahawelli Rice Project.


While in the Philippines I worked on a huge national literacy campaign managed by the Bureau of Non formal Education. And in Singapore, I worked with the Asian Media and Information Center that publishes Media Asia, a scholarly journal.  


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Anita Nazareth (M.Ed. 1982; Ed.D. 1984)

Anita Nazareth is a Singaporean who has lived in seven countries and worked in over 25 countries as an Education Planner and Training Specialist over a span of 35 years. Before coming to CIE in 1981 she earned a BSc (1976) and PGD Ed. (1978) from Singapore.  


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Kalyan Pandey (M.Ed. 1981)

After Graduating from CIE in 1982, I returned to Nepal and joined a semi-governmental institution as Training Director until April 1993. During this period, I lead a project in decentralized planning training funded by Swiss Development Agency and implemented by FAO, Rome. I was fully in-charge of the implementation of the project and responsible for working in collaboration with FAO.


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Gudrun Forsberg (Ed. D. 1988)

After 10 years working as a Principal Education Specialist with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Gudrun retired in 2003.  During her time there, she worked with governments in various Asian countries, designing and supervising education projects of the Bank.  Since retiring, she has worked on various tasks as an independent consultant.


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Patricia Maguire (Ed.D. 1987)

After 25 years as a faculty member at Western New Mexico University in the Gallup Graduate Studies Center, Pat retired in 2011 and is now a Professor Emeritus. During her career she published many articles and book chapters based on her career-long commitment to Participatory Action Research, particularly as it links to feminism and teaching.

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Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa (M.Ed. 1981)

Since completing my Master’s degree at CIE, I have been exploring a forest of challenges and inspirations.  In brief, here is some of what I have been up to:


When I returned to Lesotho, I was took up the post of Director of the Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre. With a team of about 50, led, managed and ensured the provision of NFE and basic education for youth and adults. Then, I graduated (reluctantly) to a position of Deputy Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education where I eventually became Principal Secretary.


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Alan Hurwitz (Ed.D. 1981)

Alan, a.k.a. Dr. Hurwitz, has continued his very eclectic OD practice, though at a slower pace than at most times during his checkered career - e.g. coaching et al with a Global Health project in Washington, helping to reinvent an environmental monitoring organization in the Adirondacks, helping a large Mexican magazine company turning itself into a full media operation, among others.

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