Douglas Russell Dilts (Ed.D. 1989)

Russ Dilts passed away in October 2011
His obituary can be found Here.


In 1975, before coming to CIE, Russ worked in Indonesia as part of Stanford’s Volunteer in Asia program, first as a volunteer and then as VIA’s Indonesia organizer. He then worked for World Education in Indonesia and Thailand. In the 1980s while at CIE completing his doctoral program he was actively engaged in Indonesia’s emerging NGO movement.


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M. S. Vijay Kumar (Ed.D. 1986)

After leaving CIE Vijay spent 5 years at the University of Maine at Machias where he taught classes, introduced technology into the curriculum, and helped launch Maine’s statewide interactive telecommunications system.  He then moved to Mount Holyoke College where he directed academic computing, including some programs for the five-college consortium.


In 1996 he took a position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, initially as Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, then as Assistant Provost and Director of Academic Computing. 


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Retnaningsih Burham (M.Ed. 1980)

After a long interval during which CIE received regular Holiday cards from Retna, but then lost contact, we again have email contact. She sent this update on the state of NFE and the activities of some of her cohort who were at the Center in the 1970s.


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Nanette Brey Magnani (Ed.D. 1986)

After finishing at CIE I soon went to work as World Education's Director of Training Services for five years in the early nineties with David Kahler (Downloads a pdf file) and John Comings. I then took a break and did some consulting work in nonprofit board development. 


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Kalyan Pandey (M.Ed. 1981)

After Graduating from CIE in 1982, I returned to Nepal and joined a semi-governmental institution as Training Director until April 1993. During this period, I lead a project in decentralized planning training funded by Swiss Development Agency and implemented by FAO, Rome. I was fully in-charge of the implementation of the project and responsible for working in collaboration with FAO.


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Mayuree Tongsri Wadhawan (M.Ed. 1981; Ed.D. 1985)

After graduating from CIE and returning to Thailand, Mayuree joined Department of Nonformal Educadtion. She was first appointed Director of the National Book Donation Center where she administrated and organized the book donation program and campaigns. A year later she moved to the Education Technology Center where she put together a five-year master plan to establish a new educational television Chanel 11 that is now fully operational.


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Pat Guild O’Rourke (M.Ed. 1971; Ed.D. 1980)

This past fall my Peace Corps group from Senegal had its 50th reunion.  Most people had not been in touch in many years.  We talked about what Peace Corps had meant to each of us, and our life path in the 50 years since. 


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Paul Jurmo (Ed.D. 1987)

In July 2021, ProLiteracy published a paper by Paul entitled “Basic Skills for Community-Oriented Development: A Resource Book for Educators and Other Partners.” The document explores the history of basic skills education in developing countries and how to build on that to develop effective services for diverse populations.   Paul says the publication contains information about CIE’s work and draws upon his experience at CIE. 

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Roshan Billimoria (Ed.D. 1980)

After being out of contact with CIE for many years, Roshan reflects on her journey since leaving CIE below.

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Kla Somtrakool (Ed.D. 1980)

At the present, I'm still working so as to fulfill my life in many ways.  I am teaching in a Ph.D. program in ASEAN Cultural Science in two universities where I meet many young students from different nations.  I am also working part time as an advisor in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.  In that role I have the opportunity to travel to many ASEAN countries such as, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. I'm still utilizing all of my knowledge and experiences much which I have learned from the CIE.


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