James Marshall Theroux (Ed.D. 1974)

During his time at CIE, Theroux specialized in the use of radio for Nonformal Education.  When combined with a doctoral dissertation about the use of entertainment formats for education, he caught the attention of the research staff at Sesame Street, where he worked for two years.  That job led him to transition to the business side of television, and he went on to earn an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He then spent three years as a manager with Time Warner Cable, and in 1984 he founded Metropolitan Cablevision and became its CEO.


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Mercy Rapelesega Montsi (Ed.D. 1978)

Mercy Montsi passed away in November 2013
Her obituary can be found Here.


Although she was originally from Botswana, before coming to CIE, Mercy worked in the Ministry of Education in Lesotho as the head of the Child Guidance program. 


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Dariush Dehghan (M.Ed. 1975; Ed.D. 1978)

After finishing my doctorate in 1978, I went back to Iran. Due to the revolution, the UNESCO branch in Tehran where I had previously worked closed. Then I became the Dean of a two-year teacher training college. A year later, I took a position as one of the three teacher training policy makers for the Ministry of Education.


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Edgardo Rothkegel Ortuzar (1974-1982)

Edgardo Rothkegel passed away in March 2023

His obituary can be found Here


Before coming to CIE, Edgardo was a Catholic priest in Valparaiso, Chile – his home town.  As a priest he worked with the Association of Catholic Universities, providing counseling to students.  He later left the priesthood and came to the U.S. in 1966.


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Alberto Ochoa (Ed.D. 1978)

After leaving CIE Alberto Ochoa was hired as a faculty member and served as Chair of the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education at San Diego State University for 15 years. He also served as the Academic Director of the Joint Doctoral Program between Claremont University and SDSU (1999-2005). In the PLC Department, he has been responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the bilingual teacher education programs at the elementary and secondary levels.


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Hong Sah-myung (M.Ed. 1974)

I retired from Korea Research Foundation (KRF) in 1998. Since then, I have been teaching at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea and now I have one more year to go. I am blessed by God for enabling me to teach at this age.


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Steve McLaughlin (Ed.D. 1979)

Steve sent an update on his current activities in 2021 now that he and his wife Margaret are fully retired.


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Henry Holmes (Ed. D. 1974)

Hank has spent the past 25 years or so in Thailand where he has pursued a career in teaching as well as founding and becoming the managing director of Cross-Cultural Management Co. Ltd. The firm has developed a series of focused training courses to assist expatriates working in Thailand to be more effective in communicating and working with Thai colleagues. To facilitate that goal he co-authored a book entitled: Working with the Thais: A Guide to Managing in Thailand.

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Charles L. Jenkins (Ed.D. 1978)

For CIE's 40th, Charlie reflected back on his active career. For other aspects of his career before he became an educator, you may find the recent article at MassLive blog of interest.


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