Carla Clason-Hook (M.Ed. 1973; Ed.D. 1992)

I am now living in Cape Coral, Florida.  It has now been 8 years since I packed all my precious belongings, loaded a big truck and drove to Fort Myers, Fl.

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Doris de Zambrano (M.Ed. 1972)

After returning to Cali from that exciting and stimulating time at CIE, I felt full of energy and "power" and as if anything I wanted to do I could do.... but, that is not the way things turned out!


First, the "leftist" (read that as "Marxist!") current going through the Universidad del Valle at that time led them to decide that since I had outside support — from a working husband — I did not NEED to occupy a slot teaching History at the University which could be occupied by someone who needed the pay more than I — So I was unceremoniously kicked out.


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Susan Carpenter (M.Ed. 1972; Ed.D. 1976)

Looking back over the past four decades of my professional life, I realize how my experiences at CIE, in both in its formal education offerings and CIE’s modeling of collaborative processes, gave me a solid foundation for my future work.


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Lillian Baer (M.Ed 1973)

Leaving Senegal in the early days of 2007 allowed me to recreate myself in new images. After 32 years living in Dakar, Senegal, working first with Peace Corps, and then a YMCA development program, followed by co-founding Africa Consultants International, aka The Baobab Center for the final 22 years, I thought that it would be interesting, and easy, to take the leap. Mmm...


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John Bing (Ed.D. 1979)

Recently John reflected on his many years of experience:


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Arlen Etling (Ed.D. 1975)

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

(Emily Dickinson)


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Henry Holmes (Ed. D. 1974)

Hank has spent the past 25 years or so in Thailand where he has pursued a career in teaching as well as founding and becoming the managing director of Cross-Cultural Management Co. Ltd. The firm has developed a series of focused training courses to assist expatriates working in Thailand to be more effective in communicating and working with Thai colleagues. To facilitate that goal he co-authored a book entitled: Working with the Thais: A Guide to Managing in Thailand.

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Tim Woolmer (Ed.D. 1975)

Tim has pursued two careers, one as educator and one as psychotherapist, and ended up as a manager in both. He spent 5 years in the north west of Pakistan, as Principal of Edwardes College in Peshawar, and then returned to what is now Roehampton University in London.


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Adeye M. Befecadu (M.Ed. 1973)

Adeye visit CIE in June 2010 where she sparked a reunion of the old Ethiopian network at CIE - Ron Bell, Ash Hartwell and David Schimmel. She was accompanied by her daughter who had just gotten her Ph.D. in astro-physics.


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William A. Smith (Ed. D. 1976)

Bill Smith was the Executive Vice President of the Academy for Educational Development in Washington, DC. for over twenty years where he led the Academy's work in public health communication and social marketing programs in over 65 countries around the world. Bill is now retired but just as creative and busy as ever.


His wife Ginger sends periodic updates on Bill's activities....


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