Suzanne Kindervatter

Suzanne Kindervatter is currently an independent consultant based in Washington DC. She retired from InterAction in the fall of 2013, after 19 years of service.


During her 10 years as InterAction’s Vice President of Strategic Impact, Suzanne oversaw work on priority international development issues, gender integration and women’s empowerment.


In the course of her career, Suzanne has worked in 20 countries, in the areas of adult and nonformal education, microenterprise development, organizational capacity building, evaluation, and gender and development.


She wrote to CIE in 2008 about some of her activities:


Two years ago, I co-founded the Women, Faith, and Development Alliance. We put on a Summit with and at the Washington National Cathedral [in April 2008]. It was focused on women's and girls’ empowerment and ending global poverty; 2,500 people came, and we generated over $1 billion in new programs and advocacy. It's one of the most significant things I've ever done, and certainly the biggest. 


Monday was a leadership-level strategy session and over 120 heads of organizations came from all sectors. I did the design for that (good old CIE skills) and facilitated it with Mary Robinson (the former Irish President) and Kim Campbell (the former Prime Minister of Canada). 


Prior to joining InterAction, Suzanne served as director of the Better Life Options for Girls and Young Women program at the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), where she managed a 15-country initiative to expand rights and opportunities for adolescent girls. She was also Asia Region and Technical Services Director of OEF International.


Suzanne is widely recognized as a pioneer in developing participatory training materials and guides to women in development, evaluation, and other areas.


She has served on the boards of the Association of Women in Development, Women Thrive Worldwide, US Women Connect, and been a member of the World Bank’s External Gender Consultative Group since 2003. [3/17]




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