It takes a village to raise one child. This sentence strongly motivates my interest in children and youth all the time. While working in my first job position supporting underprivileged children and youth in South Korea, understanding their lives realistically beyond academic knowledge at college was quite important. I confirmed the most significant factor for their better future was education. I learned that for their well-being they need not only financial support but also emotional stability in family and life-skill. My experience coordinating volunteer activities for a vocational school for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam allowed me to work with children & youth in another context. That was a valuable, direct opportunity to think about disadvantaged youth outside my own country and culture. 


I worked at the Beautiful Foundation which sponsors program in philanthropy education. Educating children in philanthropy is not just about charity, but is about building community. The key messages of philanthropy education is that difference is not wrong, empathy is the first step for philanthropy,  and philanthropic action can change the world no matter they were poor or rich. These messages were effective in school classrooms, parenting and non-profit sectors. Meanwhile, it was a great opportunity to join a field trip to several non-profit organizations for children and youth in New York City. It definitely taught me to see children and youth’s own power, and there were many creative ways to empower them. Through these experiences, I’ve become interested in non-formal education. 


Personally, one of my hopes is reunification between North and South Korea. I’ve been thinking that I need to be prepared for after-reunification in my field. I think I should learn more about multi-culturalism, peace, curriculum development and so on. Thus, I’ve been looking for an education program that could satisfy my whole interests. I feel confident that CIE cab help me to address these interests both theory and field-based academic knowledge. My journey at CIE will help me to develop deeper and wider perspectives to build a healthy community for all children.


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