Headshot of Sunthorn Sunanchai

Sunthorn Sunanchai passed away in May 2023
His obituary can be found Here.


Sunthorn had a long career in education.  He was a teacher from 1945-1951 and then worked as an Education Supervisor until 1965. Subsequently, he went on to become the Director of the Adult Education Division. In that role, he was an important partner in CIE’s NFE activities in Thailand and was instrumental in introducing both the concept and the practice of NFE into Thailand.


After spending several years in a doctoral program at CIE, he returned to Thailand as the Director of the NFE Department in the Ministry of Education. He then went on to become Deputy Director General of the NFE Department from 1981-1985.


CIE graduates Mayuree Tongsri, Somprasong Withayagiat, and Kla Somtrakool all served under him in the NFE department in Thailand.


During his life, he published a number of documents for various organizations, some of which are listed below.


  • Fifty Years of Adult Education and Nonformal Education. Adult Education and Development 33: 7–26. 1989.
  • Thailand's functional literacy programme: a case study of activities in Educational Region 8.  Unesco. 1981.
  • Adult Education for the year 2000, Challenges and Prospects. Bangkok: Department of Non-Formal Education. 1985.


After retiring, he worked as a consultant on NFE for various organizations in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. [7-79]


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