Sumera Ahsan


Welcome to my world! I am from Bangladesh, the country full of rivers.  Throughout my life I lived in the capital city Dhaka and have earned my under graduate and master’s degree from Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka. The lush green youth of the university life still drives me to see the life in a simple way.


I started my career in 2008 with Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University. BRAC is the largest NGO in Bangladesh which works for Education, women’s empowerment, poverty reduction and so on. Here I gained some field experience for development work and got into touch with rural and ethnic people who are still deep into my mind. Later on I started working as a Lecturer at the same organization from when I embraced my role as an academician too. Here I got chance to be in touch with a former CIE graduate Dr. Monica Gomes as my supervisor who has really showed me a different lens to see the world. I learned to enjoy diversity, analyze critically, to ask the question ‘why so’? or ‘who decides?’ and to critique respectfully. In May 2010 I took up my current position at the Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka as a lecturer in the department of Educational Evaluation and Research. There I am responsible for teaching courses both at undergraduate and graduate levels.


I was involved in diverse range of consultancies in addition to teaching.  I worked for Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh writing a text book on injury prevention for children.  I was also a national consultant for evaluation of Netherland’s contribution in primary education of Bangladesh. I worked with World Bank evaluating a component of SEQAEP, which is a major secondary education project in Bangladesh. Later on I worked as a consultant with the Education Sector Review on Quality Assessment Background Study. I also contributed to different training programs for conducting training programs and writing training manuals. I am also working with National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) of Bangladesh for developing textbooks on Work and Career Education at secondary level.


My professional motto is to develop myself as a deep practitioner who can help promote quality education worldwide, learn and share from different communities, and to belong to a learning community where learning comes from heart. I want to be both an academician and a practitioner in education with an understanding rooted deep in the relevant issues on education. I hope that CIE can pave my path towards this. I believe, together we can make a change.



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