Sue Tatten

Sue is currently (2020) the Legal and Policy Advisor for a USAID-funded Economic Policy project in Liberia which provides support to key government ministries in developing legal and policy frameworks to promote economic growth for Liberia’s economy.


Prior to that she served in a wide variety of positions as a human rights attorney with the UN in Kosovo, Liberia, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Earlier she also worked as an online English tutor for China and Japan, was an election observer in in Armenia and Ukraine, and worked with the American Bar Association as Deputy Country Director in Egypt and Tunisia (Libya program).


In 2019, prior to her current position she was the technical advisor for a joint program (UNICEF, UNDP, and UNWomen) on Youth and Peacebuilding in Kosovo. In 2018, she served as Chief of Party for a USAID-funded Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning program in Iraq. In 2015, she was based in South Sudan as Chief of Party for a project that oversaw capacity building programs in civil society advocacy, elections support, peacebuilding and stabilization, transitional justice, organizational development, political party training, engagement with constitutional commissions, gender inclusion, and governance strengthening.


Before that she was a program specialist based in Khartoum managing a UN Women’s Governance and Peacebuilding programming in Sudan including support to the legislature, executive, and judicial branches of government on issues related to elections and women's political participation, constitutional review and formulation, law reform, decentralization, support to transitional capacity initiatives in peace and security


In 2012 Sue worked as the UNDP Legal Education Advisor-Rule of Law Program in Somalia, which among other things provided strategies on inclusion of women in the judicial sector, given the absence of female judges in Somaliland or Puntland.


From 2004 she was in the Sudan in a variety of roles, with UNDP in Juba as a senior advisor in the Rule of Law Unit and in Khartoum working on strategies for harmonizing customary and state-based legal frameworks in compliance with domestic and international legal standards. Before that with USAID as a Foreign Service Officer with various temporary duty missions including Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Darfur (Sudan).


After leaving CIE, Sue earned an advanced law degree (LLM) in Human Rights at American University in 2001 and also held a position as Program Director with the Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women for the Horn of Africa.


Before coming to CIE she worked in Ethiopia with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Ethiopia and was also a lecturer at the University of Addis Ababa School of Law as well as a Senior Fulbright Lecturer. Earlier she was a Peace Corps volunteer and Associate Director in Botswana as well as a Fulbright scholar during which she worked on a landmark equal protection case that cemented equal rights for women and men in the country. [12-20]


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