Steve Anzalone

Steve Anzalone retired from regular work in international development in 2017 after 46 years of service. The last half of his career was spent at Education Development Center (EDC) in Washington DC. He was involved in EDC’s work in educational technology and leading EDC activities in Asia.


Starting in 2015, Steve worked with Nancy Devine as Senior Vice President and Co-Director for EDC’s International Development Division (IDD).


Shortly after completing his doctorate at CIE, Steve and fellow CIE graduate Steve McLaughlin managed the USAID-CIE Electronic Learning Aids for Literacy Project (1983-1984). This year-long activity in Lesotho was the first formal evaluation of the effects of digital technology on student achievement in primary schools in a developing country. It was a pioneering effort into the possibilities for educational technology both for CIE and USAID—and indeed for the international community.


Steve continued his involvement in applications of educational technology in developing countries for the remainder of his career. [02/17]





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