Stephanie Pirroni

Since graduating from CIE in 2019, I have been working as the Director of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP). The efforts of the Institute are organized around two main lines of action—educational efforts with university students, and research initiatives on social phenomena.  


The seminars for university students offered by ISGP, in different regions of the world, support young people in gaining insight into how their studies and professions can be applied towards constructive social change. The research that ISGP is engaged in, with teams of collaborators, is focused on pressing social phenomena such as migration, overcoming oppression and peace and justice in societies in transition. This research draws upon insights from the social sciences, certain spiritual principles and local experiences in an effort to generate and apply knowledge that aims to help improve the conditions of society. ISGP works with strong teams of collaborators and coordinators to advance these lines of action in a mode of learning.


I see my work with ISGP as a continuation of the efforts with my doctoral studies, during which I had the opportunity to explore the potential of an education for development program in Colombia to support youth in developing the capabilities needed to become active agents of social change in their communities—communities which have been effected by prolonged periods of conflict. Engagement with the professors and students at CIE was pivotal to the valuable learning process associated with my doctoral studies.


My dissertation was a case study of the Preparation for Social Action program developed in Colombia by FUNDAEC (The Foundation for the Application and the Teaching of the Sciences).  Prior to my doctoral studies, I had the opportunity to work with FUNDAEC in Cali, Colombia for a number of years, assisting with the coordination of the Supporting Community Leaders and the Preparation for Social Action programs, which received funding from the Gates Foundation and Hewlett Foundation.


I look forward to opportunities to meet again with fellow members of the CIE community. [12-19]




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