Siddiqullah Barikzai

I returned to Kabul in 2010 and joined Computer Science Department of Natural Science Faculty at Kabul Education University (KEU). In mid-2010, I was elected as the chair of Computer Science Department. I led the department in addition to teaching various courses in both computer science and pedagogy.


In fall of 2013, I developed a proposal in coordination with my department members to promote the department to the status of a faculty. I talked to administrators at KEU and the Ministry of Higher Education and presented the reasons the department should be promoted to faculty.  Fortunately, in the beginning of 2014, they agreed and confirmed the promotion of Computer Science Department to Computer Education & Information Technology Faculty. At that point I was elected as dean of the faculty and have been leading the faculty ever since.


Today, 2017, we have two departments (Data Management and Networks) and over 400 students in our faculty. The number of instructors increased from 7 to 18. Sixteen of them have masters’ degrees from different countries.


I am also member of eLearning committee at university level. I participate in almost all top-level meetings at the university level. My ideas are willingly heard and welcomed.  Since 2010, I have been promoted through three academic ranks (Teaching Assistant - Pohanyar, Senior Teaching Assistant - Pohanmal and Assistant professor - Pohandoy). In addition, I have completed two research projects funded by the World Bank and have submitted a proposal for a 3rd research project which is being considered. 


It is time for me to think of getting PhD in Computer Education or instructional technology, because my next plan is to help our faculty to launch a master’s program.




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