Sherry Russell

Since graduating from CIE, Sherry has worked both in the US and abroad.  She is passionate about work that connects people meaningfully to each other across both similarities and differences.  These connections foster the types of networks and relationships that address inequity, promote peace and generate innovative solutions that build on strengths while addressing challenges.


During her years at CIE, Sherry’s focus was on adult and nonformal education. During that time, she worked with literacy and participatory education projects in Massachusetts as well as abroad.


After finishing her Master’s degree, Sherry worked in a variety of roles with the Peace Corps in Nepal, Moldova, and Georgia.


She then worked as the director of a small nonprofit in Lewiston, Maine that supported university-community partnerships, civic engagement and refugee education.  During that time she also taught classes at Bates College


In 2013 she became the Director of Programming and Training with Peace Corps Samoa and subsequently in 2016 she became the Country Director.


In 2018 Sherry was appointed Country Director for the Peace Corps Nepal, where she still is.  Despite the global evacuation of Volunteers, Peace Corps remains open and is busy preparing for the re-entry of Volunteers as soon as conditions permit. 


She lives in Kathmandu with her partner and spouse of over 30 years, Frances Hitchens.  Frances also graduated with a doctorate from the UMass School of Education and is an education consultant working in Nepal and regionally with UNICEF, DFAT, and other organizations in teacher leadership, teacher education and curriculum development. [7-20]


After the shutdown of Peace Corps overseas due to the COVID pandemic, Sherry returned to the US where she began working as a part-time consultant with Peace Corps.  She travels to assist countries when there is a gap between Country Directors.  In 2022 she was assigned to Peace Corps in Ukraine, where she was until February 2022 when she was recalled to Washington. She continues to support the Ukrainian team from the states. [3-22] 




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