Shekhar Regmi

Shekhar Regmi is currently the Chief Undergraduate Advisor & Admission Chair with the University Without Walls program at UMass Amherst. 


Shekhar has spent a large part of his professional and academic career in activities related to adult education. His extensive and practical cross-cultural and community development experiences have exposed him to a wide range of resources and approaches. His scholarship is grounded in theories and methods found in the field of education and social psychology with application to health communications (particularly public health).


Over the last six years, he has published several peer-reviewed articles on HIV/AIDS prevention and spirituality and substance use.  He co-authored a paper titled HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Nepalese Context with Erica Piedade that appeared in the Journal of Evaluation & the Health Professions.


Before coming to CIE Shekhar worked with the Peace Corps in Nepal for several years as a training director. [2-21]




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