Yaqubi Sayed Sarwar

Since 2018 I have been serving as the Dean of the Education Faculty at Jawzjan University in northern Afghanistan which keeps me busy with the administration affairs of the Education Faculty.


When I returned to Afghanistan in late 2009, in personal life I got married and now I have three healthy children. In the academic area I returned to my position as a lecturer in the math department of the education faculty of Jawzjan University. At that time, in addition to teaching some mathematical and educational subjects, the university authorities asked me to take on other responsibilities as the head of the curriculum committee at university level, as the master trainer in methodological workshops in the university, and as a member of the academic committee.


The MinistrSayed Sarwar Yaqubiy of Higher Education in Afghanistan began a process of revising the curriculum in all the universities and currently more than 60 courses have changed. As a head of curriculum committee I have attended many curriculum workshops in Kabul. 


Beside these duties I translated some articles in order to achieve academic rank in the education faculty.  I translated from English into Dari the book “Introduction to Statistical Theory” by S.M. Chaudhry of Lahore University. I also translated several articles including one on “The Effect of Work Motivation and Work Climate on Teacher Performance” by a professor at the PGRI University in Palembang.


We will see what happens in future, in Afghanistan everything is possible. We live and survive here by chance.  Please give my regards and warm wishes to all kind members of CIE. [1-21]


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