Samuel Oduro-Sarpong

For about one year after leaving CIE, getting a job in the field of International development, both here in the US and abroad, was difficult for me. I attended several interviews without success. I eventually entered into Mental Health profession, holding positions like Mental Health Counselor, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, and other related titles. I was also an Adjunct Professor for two years, teaching Introduction to Sociology, and Social Problems in a Community College in New Jersey.


I transitioned from Mental Health almost five years ago and entered into the gig economy as an Independent Contractor, helping fellow immigrants with document preparations, taxes, loan signing agent/Notary services, rideshare services, investments in Ghana, etc. For me life is better now as I've time for myself and I’m financially okay. I'm also an Associate Pastor of a Ghanaian church in the State of Virginia, where I currently live.


I've been visiting Ghana, my native country quite often (I'm now an American citizen so with dual citizenship). Last year, I founded an NGO called MentalAide, Ghana.  MentalAide seeks to intervene in the mental health delivery in some communities in Ghana. It's now registered with the Ghana Registrar General Department, but is still working on getting a license from the Social Welfare agency to start operations in the near future, contingent on securing funding. In the US, it's registered with the IRS as MentalAide-Ghana. Note, it's not MentalAid but MentalAide, we don't provide aid - we serve. [4-22]




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