Saeed Fahia

After graduating from UMass in 1992, I resettled in Canada and volunteered with the Somali Canadian Youth Association of Ottawa, Ontario. I assisted the with after school programming and fundraising for the youth.


Subsequently, I moved to Minnesota and was selected by the Somali elders there to lead the Confederation of Somali Community of Minnesota as its Executive Director. For a period of 16 years, community leaders and I assisted the Somalis of Minnesota to integrate into American society, and in the process we rubbed shoulders with the general public, community leaders, executives of foundations and non-profits, politicians, and law enforcement officials, among others. One of the most rewarding parts of my work was explaining the Somali culture and community to the people of Minnesota.


However, even when I was at UMass, as I absorbed new skills, I yearned to go back home to Somalia and contribute. During the last seven years I have been living in Somalia and working at the Ministry of Education of Puntland State, serving as a Senior Education Advisor. I am working to give back to the community, as always. [4-21]




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