My name is Ryke Pribudhiana and I am a new student in CIE. You can call me Pri. I think my nickname is easy to say and remember. I work in Jakarta, but my hometown is Bandung. Jakarta is a nice place to pursue my carrier while Bandung is a right place to live. From Monday to Friday, I used to stay in Jakarta and in the weekend I go back home to Bandung.

I have two years’ experience living in South Korea as an industrial trainee. I was an apprentice. Next, I have seven-year of experience teaching English in a vocational school. Teaching was my first job and I was interested to do it.  I got involved with many students and tried to teach them effectively. Although English is not a popular subject, I worked to make it interesting. This experience made me satisfied because I could do something useful for my students. In addition, I worked in literacy as an evaluation staff member in the sub-directorate of literacy education in the Ministry of National Education from April 2006 up to 2011. Last year, I was relocated to the sub-directorate  for institutional partnership.  My duties included campaigning, supervising, monitoring, evaluating in community education activities like: literacy, women, public library, gender mainstreaming, elderly, parenting, community partnership, life-skill, early childhood program and so on. 

By becoming a CIE student, I expect to obtain practical and useful experiences that I will use in my country when I return. I realize that improving the quality of Indonesian education is not an easy thing to do but with new experience and knowledge from UMass, I am sure that I will be able to do it.


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