Rita Raboin

Rita Raboin is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur in northern Brazil:


I have been here in Brazil for 34 years. I first worked in the state of Maranhao with farmers for many years  and then on the island of Marajó as the Coordinator for the Pastoral Land Commission, which is a support of the Catholic Church for families who work on small plots of land either in the fields or, in our case, along the rivers. We seek to help the people analyze their situation and see what they can do to remain on the land.


Besides what I was doing in the river communities, I was the Facilitator for the Justice and Peace Commission in the city. I also contribute to the Movement for Water, as we do not have quality drinking water. We have been struggling for 6 years to complete the construction, making demands on the state Water Department.


Recently Rita wrote:

After 36 years of working in Brazil with the people as a community organizer, popular educator and advocate in the Amazon Region, I returned to the United States in March of 2018.


I am now working as a volunteer with the Immigrant Service Unit in Somerville, MA. This group addresses the needs of the immigrant community especially since the onset of COVID: health care, education, housing, food access, etc. I also teach English to a small group of women. 


In 2019, our Sisters developed a Project for Outreach to the immigrants waiting for Asylum at the Mexican border. I volunteered with 2 other Sisters and went twice. I was all set to go for a third time when Covid prohibited volunteers from visiting the encampment! There are still immigrants waiting at the border in horrid conditions! A small group of local volunteers bring food and health care to them. This is at the Brownsville, Texas- Matamoros border. 


I also belong to Pax Christi, an International Catholic Peace Movement against Nuclear Weapons and war and diverse other issues like against racial inequity and gun violence. [10-20]


Email: rita.raboin@yahoo.com.br



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