Ricardo Gomez

After completing his doctoral program at CIE, Ricardo returned to Colombia. He is back at University of Antioquia, his home institution, working as a teacher of quantitative research and evaluation methods. He also works as a policy analyst and consultant for several government agencies and private organizations.


Before completing his doctorate, Ricardo received a Bachelor of Education degree from La Salle University and Master of Education from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Ricardo has been a full-time lecturer and researcher at University of Antioquia Colombia since 2004. His research interests span educational policy analysis, assessment and evaluation, and curriculum design and implementation. He is particularly interested in identifying key education policies and practice that support teachers in helping low-income youth succeed academically.


In addition to his research and teaching, Ricardo has designed and implemented successful educational interventions and programs for low-income inner-city youth and children of Colombia. These programs and interventions have been carried out collaboratively with specialists from Colombia’s Ministry of Education, UNICEF, and United Way. His international experience includes internships, courses, and seminars in the US, Holland, Japan, Egypt and several countries in Latin America. He is also active in several organizations supporting the welfare and social productivity of young people.[6-16]


Email:  rleon.gomez@udea.edu.co


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