Comparative Education Review

Editorship Remains at CIE for a second five-year term


             Bjorn Nordtveit

        Jacqueline Mosselson


The editorship of the Comparative Education Review (CER) is renewed every five years.  CIE and the College of Education at UMass hosted the journal from 2013 through 2018.  Recently UMass was chosen to continue hosting the editorship for a second five year term from July 2018 through 2023.


Bjorn Nordtveit remains the editor for the second term.  Bjorn heads up a multi-institutional and multi-national team of editors.  CIE and UMass remain the lead institution, joined by UMass Boston and Michigan State University.  The editorial team includes seven co-editors, including Jacqueline Mosselson at UMass.  At CIE there are also three doctoral students who serve as managing editors: Verity Norman-Tichawangana, Ben Scherrer and Sahara Pradhan.  


For full details on the membership of the editorial team (below) and their vision for the coming five years see the editorial by Bjorn Nordtveit in the August 2018 issue of the CER. In that article he lays out the challenges faced by the field and the journal in the current environment.



The Comparative Education Review, founded in 1957, is the premier journal in the field of comparative and international education in the U.S. and is the official journal of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES).  In the words of the editor, “The journal is endowed with a growing readership and author base that is increasingly international and diverse. Our vision for its [CER] future is based on its legacy and foundation, and is cast against the continuous analysis of the evolving field … and an understanding of the changing constituencies that the journal serves.”


The Center for International Education and the College of Education at UMass are proud to be associated with the ongoing history and development of this prestigious journal.