Rebecca Paulson Stone

I was promoted to Senior Researcher and literacy specialist at the American Institutes of Research (AIR) last year. I provide technical assistance to literacy programs around the world and also conduct research on literacy programming in multilingual environments.


Currently I am co-Principal Investigator on a literacy formative assessment pilot in Laos and Guatemala. We have developed a toolkit of short and easy-to-administer formative assessments on discrete literacy skills. We are training teachers to use the toolkits on a regular basis to better understand how their students are progressing. There are also specific remedial activities for teachers to implement, as well when students score poorly on a particular skill.


In addition to this work, I continue to provide technical assistance to the LAC (Latin America and the Carribean) Reads project, which collects and disseminates evidence on early grade reading within the LAC region and builds capacity of stakeholders to use that evidence. We were recently awarded additional work in Haiti, where we will be partnering with a local university to develop a teacher training program. I continue to run into CIE graduates wherever I am in the world. [2/17]


Rebecca is also an adjunct professor in the International Education concentration at UMass Amherst, teaching a course on "How children in developing countries learn to read" as part of the online graduate certificate in early grade reading.


She joined AIR soon after her time at CIE:


I graduated from CIE in May 2012 after 6 amazing years in the Master’s and Doctoral programs. After graduation, I was hired as a researcher and literacy specialist at AIR.


Over the past couple of years, I have worked on a range of programs at AIR. I provided technical assistance to a USAID-funded Arabic remedial reading program in Egypt for upper grade students, worked with the Ministries of Education in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to set early grade reading standards, managed a UNICEF-funded formative assessment project in Ethiopia and much more. Currently, I am leading a systematic review of the evidence on early grade reading emerging from Latin America and Caribbean. I work remotely for AIR from my home in Western Massachusetts and travel internationally several times a year and to our headquarters in DC every couple of months.


The experience I gained during my tenure at CIE was a huge benefit to me throughout this process and in helping me to secure this position. [12/12]






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