Rebecca Paulson Stone

In 2020, Rebecca was promoted to Principal Researcher and Literacy Specialist at the American Institutes of Research (AIR). Currently she is the program director for the USAID funded Latin America and Caribbean Capacity Reads Program (LRCP). Rebecca oversees the collection and dissemination of evidence on early grade literacy (EGL) within the LAC region and works with local partners to develop the capacity of stakeholders to apply that evidence to policy and practice.


The RedLEI network was also born out of this program. Based at the Universidad del Valle in Guatemala and consisting of 6 universities in the region, RedLEI is a network focused on building evidence on EGL and advocating for the use of evidence in policy and practice. 2020 has been a strange year as she typically travels frequently for her work but this year saw only one trip to Guatemala in January.


Rebecca is also an adjunct professor in the International Education concentration at UMass Amherst, teaching a course on "How children in developing countries learn to read" as part of the online graduate certificate in early grade reading. She really enjoys teaching this course as it pushes her to keep up with the latest evidence in her field and she loves interacting with students from all over the world.


Earlier, she worked on a range of programs at AIR. She provided technical assistance to a USAID-funded Arabic remedial reading program in Egypt for upper grade students, worked with the Ministries of Education in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to set early grade reading standards, managed a UNICEF-funded formative assessment project in Ethiopia and much more.


Rebecca has since been grounded at her home in Wilbraham, MA. But she is enjoying time with her two young children, Cameron (7) and Kyla (5). [12-20]





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