Ray Young

After completing his Master's degree at CIE Ray worked as an associate dean at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont for four years before returning to UMass to complete his Ed.D. in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies. His dissertation explored the long term impacts of an international study tour to Southeast Asia for public school teachers.


He then served as an assistant professor at SIT Graduate Institute for seven years while also teaching as an adjunct at the UMass School of Public Health and Health Sciences. In addition to continued affiliations with both SIT and UMass, he’s been working as a case Investigator and unit leader for the Community Tracing Collaborative, a public health initiative addressing the Covid-19 pandemic sponsored by Partners in Health and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Throughout it all, he’s remained in the Amherst area raising a family, keeping a garden, and trying to keep track of all the changes at home and abroad, including watching Hills South finally come down. He still drops by the Newman Center for the occasional breakfast sandwich. [12-20]


Email: kipleyray@gmail.com


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