MIchael Havilland

Michael reports on some of his recent activities:


At present I am the director of International projects at  a Rotary Club in Denver. Our club  cooperates on international project  and usually makes modest contributions to projects re education and basic health in Central America. [2-22]


Earlier: During the coming months my Rotary group is sending a container of medical equipment to a small town hospital in El Salvador.  I also led three projects in Costa Rica over the past couple of years.  I play tennis in good weather and fly fishing whenever I get near a cold river.


I am working with a group striving to establish a Peace Corps museum in DC.  It’s a steep curve, but we are making progress. Check out the web site with the link above.


It is hard to believe but I have been in Colorado for 20 years, all of them very enjoyable. Some years ago I acquired a casa in Santa Fe and try to spend time there throughout the year. It is a fresh change from Denver and the Opera is first rate as is a rock bar called the Cowgirl. [9-18]


In 2007 I published an "Edu Tainment"  novel, Arcadia. The “Edu”part draws attention to the plight of the world’s two billion persons who have incomes of less than two dollar per day. In the book, the Arcadia Foundation implements innovative model programs to address extreme poverty. The “Tainment” part of the book is my attempt to write prose which  attractss and holds its readers. The book is available from Amazon here. You can browse a few pages on the Amazon site.


In 1995,  I was appointed the  Director of International Programs at the Colorado School of Mines.  It is challenging trying to internationalize the culture of a U.S.oriented engineering institution, even though more than half of its graduate students are  from abroad. Over eight years, there was progress. The school, in cooperation with the government of Qatar, recently founded and now  administers a petroleum and chemical engineering undergraduate college in Doha. Several professors from Colorado teach at  the new college in Qatar.


During a recent trip to Myanmar, I met with several staff members of the Save the Children program. It is one of the few international NGOs allowed to operate there. Although closely monitored and restricted, it provides basic health and education services for adults and children in rural areas. My hosts were alumni of the Humphrey Fellowship Program, a Fulbright entity,  which I directed from 1979-1989. Meeting with the colleagues in Myanmar was a uniquely informative and rewarding personal experience. I look forward to revisiting CIE, and attending the 40th anniversary conference.  [11-07]


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