Benjamin Scherrer

I am a doctoral student in the International Education program. My research focuses on how people learn during times of migration and in nomadic contexts. I am interested in the relationships between education and displacement. My current work is on the transnational learning environments of East and Central African refugees resettled in Western Massachusetts.


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Onasheho Toweh

My research interest is in cultural humility and teacher-student relationships. I often think of culture as a currency that a child brings with them into the classroom and if it is valued by the classroom teacher it can enhance their relationship and yield better outcomes not only academically but also in life. I am interested in serving as a resource person for children, teachers and other childcare providers to assist them in understanding and developing ‘culturally humble’ approaches.


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Chenyang Xu

Ni Hao (Hello)! My name is Chenyang Xu from Shanghai, China. I am a first-year Ph.D. student of Mathematics, Science & Learning Technologies program. My research interests focus on utilizing social media and data science to support higher education and student services, especially international student services.


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