Bonnie J. Cain (M.Ed. 2005; Ed.D. 2006)

Before coming to CIE, Bonnie was a PCV in Honduras in the early 1970s where she worked on literacy and adult education.  She then worked with several organizations in Washington, D.C.  She was a Senior Associate with Creative Associates where she was a manager of the NFE and adult education group, working in various countries.


She enrolled in a Master’s degree program at CIE in 1976, but then took leave to work on projects in a variety of countries including Lesotho, Botswana, Yemen, Bolivia and Honduras.


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Azat Myradov (M. Ed. 2001)

Dear friends at CIE –


I am pleased to share a quick update about myself – Since leaving CIE, I have been working at the Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan where I serve as the American Center Director. Currently, my responsibilities include overseeing the work of four American Spaces in Turkmenistan. I manage grants, engage in research, and help obtain innovative educational technologies and Makerspace equipment to enhance our library collection.


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Alessandra Mucci-Ramos (CAGS 2002)

Alessandra’s Spanish skills have been essential for reaching out to Latino students and their families (mostly from Ecuador and El Salvador) who are in need of extra support to transition to a new culture and a new school environment. Her cultural competency and anti-racism lens has given her the opportunity to participate in and co-facilitate meetings and professional development events organized by the Amherst school district addressing issues such as peer mediation, grief, hidden biases, white supremacy, anti-racism education and restorative justice.


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Ella Phombeya Banda (M.Ed. 2005)

After graduating with her Master’s degree Ella returned to Malawi to work as a Chief Research Officer at the Malawi National Examinations Board for two years. She then followed her husband to Botswana where her husband was working and she devoted her time to taking care of her children.


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Hatsue Kimura (M.Ed. 2003)

In spring of 2006, Hatsue began working for KRI International which has a contract from JICA to implement a literacy program in Afghanistan. Starting in April, Hatsue was in Kabul for several months and thereafter will spend about half her time in Kabul and half in Japan. Her assignment is to develop a database to monitor the progress of the literacy program. She will be working to develop the local capacity to collect and manage data generated by the various literacy classes.

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Kunduz Maksutova (M.Ed. 2004)

After leaving CIE, Kunduz returned to her home in the Kyrgyz Republic where she chaired the English Department and taught in the School of International Relations at Osh State University.  She also participated in a project of the US Department of State offering workshops on credit-based higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic covering all the state universities in the country.  During that time, Kunduz and a US Peace Corps volunteer, Bethany Burns, were awarded a Peace Corps grant and created an American room with many cultural and language media resources at Osh State University.

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Yasin I. Magan (Ed.D. 2004)

I left North America when I received my degree, planning to eventually return to Somalia. I spent time in Rome and London looking for an international career, but to no avail. I then returned to Somaliland, a self-proclaimed independent entity separate from the rest of Somalia. Somaliland is a former British colony that declared its own independence without seeking international recognition.


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Aiah Andrew Sahr Mbayo (M.Ed. 2005; Ed.D. 2011)

Before coming to CIE in 2003, Aiah worked for four years as a program assistant for UNFPA in Sierra Leone where he provided technical support for a Population Information, Education, and Communication (POP-IEC) strategy.  In 2000 he began working for UNICEF as a Project Officer for Youth Development and Emergency Education.


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Samuel Oduro Sarpong (M.Ed. 2004)

For about one year after leaving CIE, getting a job in the field of International development, both here in the US and abroad, was difficult for me. I attended several interviews without success. I eventually entered into Mental Health profession, holding positions like Mental Health Counselor, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, and other related titles. I was also an Adjunct Professor for two years, teaching Introduction to Sociology, and Social Problems in a Community College in New Jersey.


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Ahmed A. Hassan (M.Ed. 2001; CAGS 2007; Ed.D. 2013)

Joining CIE was a great opportunity for me.  It allowed me to learn and better understand the concepts of non-formal education and be able to develop the skills to work with adults and help them improve their situation. Since getting my Master's degree from CIE, I have been involved in a variety of academic activities and programs. I have taught groups ranging from high school students to adult professionals and faculty members.


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