Duong Van Chu (Ed.D. 2004)

Duong Van Chu passed away in November 2005.
His obituary can be found Here.


Originally, from Vietnam, Duong came to the US in 1992 and took up residence in Springfield, MA.  In 1994 he entered the degree program at CIE.  While at CIE he also worked as a public health educator serving immigrant communities in Springfield.


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Renuka Pillay (1993-2000)

Renuka Pillay passed away in February 2019. 
Her obituary can be found Here.


Renuka is originally from South Africa. Before coming to CIE she was living in exile in East Africa where she continued her activism against the apartheid regime in South Africa.


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Mary Comeau-Kronenwetter (Ed.D. 1998)

Mary Comeau-Kronenwetter is currently a New Hampshire Humanities Scholar, doing research and lecturing on New Hampshire history.


In 2022 she published an historical fiction novel, Pauper Auction, which examines female economic and educational disempowerment in the New Nation period in New England. The book is available from Stone Fence Press.


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Babacar Mboup (M. Ed. 1997; Ph.D. 2005)

Babacar came to CIE from Senegal, where among other things he was a griot – a story teller who preserves the oral tradition and history of a village or family.  After getting his Master’s degree in education he enrolled in a doctoral program in the French Department at UMass. 


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Mbuyi M. Mutala (M.Ed. 1986; M.Ph. 2001)

After completing his M.Ed. at CIE in 1986 Mutala went back to Zaire and worked as IEC/Training Coordinator for two major USAID-funded public health projects working on Nutrition Improvement and Basic Rural Health. He advocated for the use of non-formal and adult education methods and techniques in community health education.


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Jean Kosha (M.Ed. 1997; Ed.D. 2013)

Before coming to CIE, Jean spent 3 years in the Peace Corps working in several teacher training colleges in Cameroon, West Africa. She then worked as a lead trainer for new volunteers in Cameroon with CHP before moving on to spend two years as a Training Coordinator with the International Rescue Committee in Guinea, West Africa.


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Sainodin T. Abantas, JD (1997)

Sainodin Abantas was one of a group of nine educators brought to CIE as part of an ADB-NFE assisted project in the Bureau of Non-Formal Education in the Philippines. Sainodin represented the now defunct Autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao. While at CIE they studied NFE philosophy and methods, and designed a series of training modules.


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Fatimah Ihsan (M.Ed. 1997)

For the past 10 years Fatimah has been an Assistant Professor at the Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies (CEGS) at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad where she has taught for over ten years and supervised numerous research studies.


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Alimen Sencil (1997)

Alimen came to CIE as part of a group of 9 educators sponsored by the Bureau of Non-Formal Education in the Philippines.  While at CIE they studied NFE philosopy and methods and designed a series of training modules.


After returning to the Philippines, Alimen worked as a training officer at the University of Southern Mindanao (USM), Kabacan, North Cotabato and in 1998 was promoted to Training Specialist II.  Subsequently in 2007 he became the Deputy Director for Extension at the same university, and then Director from 2009 to 2011.


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Pamela Sequeira (M.Ed. 1997)

After leaving CIE, Pamela spent the next 20 years working in a variety of roles in the development sector in Pakistan. 


Initially, she worked for Save the Children, USA as the Information Systems Manager, conducted research on various components of assistance to the Afghan Refugees and designed their reporting systems. 


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