William A. Smith (Ed. D. 1976)

Bill Smith was the Executive Vice President of the Academy for Educational Development in Washington, DC. for over twenty years where he led the Academy's work in public health communication and social marketing programs in over 65 countries around the world. Bill is now retired but just as creative and busy as ever.


His wife Ginger sends periodic updates on Bill's activities....


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Steve Grant (Ed.D. 1972)

In 2014, Johns Hopkins University Press published Steve's second biography, Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry and Emily Folger. In the years since then, he has given over 80 talks on the Folgers, including six across the pond in these locations: London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, and St. Andrews in Scotland.

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Arthur Gillette (Ed.D. 1976)

Arthur passed away in June of 2016.  Arthur's obituary


After 25 plus years of service to Unesco, Arthur retired from his last position as Director of Youth and Sports Activities in April 1998. He has since enthusiastically pursued a diverse agenda of activities, some of his recent ones are chronicled below.


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Patricio Barriga (M.Ed. 1974)

Patricio Barriga passed away June 26, 2019


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Beverly Lindsay (Ed.D. 1976)

In summer of 2020 Beverly authored of an article in the magazine Diverse Issues in Higher Education. The article titled “International Diverse Universities in the Midst of a Global Pandemic” compares the role of women leaders in higher education in the HIV/AIDS epidemic with Covid-19 today and discusses activities of the Ford Leadership Institute in addressing the challenges of Covid-19. [8-20]


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Gordon Schimmel (Ed.D. 1974)

Gordon's reflections on CIE's 50th and the state of the nation - With our nation currently in what seems like an upside-down world in international relations, it is gratifying to look back at five decades of accomplishment with more than five hundred graduates from nearly 50 countries, dedicated to international education, understanding and economic development.

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David J. Rosen (Ed. D. 1974)

David has worked in alternative education, out-of-school youth education, adult literacy and nonformal education, all of which he says were themes of his studies at UMass.  In the early 1980s, following his work as founder and first director of a publicly-funded alternative high school in Waltham, Massachusetts, he was the  Director of Education at Boston's Jobs for Youth, now JFY Networks. He was for 15 years, until 2003, the Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at UMass Boston.


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John Hatch (Ed. D. 1974)

Following my February 2010 retirement, I was pulled back into USAID part-time for about a year as a consultant to my old office to assist with proposal development.  In addition, I immediately was swept up in various volunteer activities/committees/boards here at Asbury, a CCRC. I continue to serve on various committees both in and out of Asbury while also battling weeds to produce some vegetables in my garden. More recently, I've been "mentoring" elementary school kids in an after-school program, and recently was shifted to be a teacher-aide for the middle school's ESOL program.

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