Promise Mchenga


I come from Malawi, the “warm heart of Africa”. I have just entered the Master’s program here at Center for International Education. Earlier I received a BA in Biblical Studies and Education from African Bible College (Lilongwe, Malawi campus) and an MA in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky.


My interests in international education are closely related to my personal, academic and professional experiences. For most of my undergraduate studies I interned with Children of the Nations International (COTNI). This experience exposed me to many individuals and teams from around the globe driven to promote access to education for underprivileged youths in countries such as Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Sierra Leone. This experience helped me to understand education’s potential as an avenue towards economic and human development. Prior to my graduation, I taught Social and Development Studies as a student teacher in one of the Malawi’s government secondary schools. Following my graduation, I joined Project TEACH and Youth Care where I did mentoring and counseling with students with varying degrees of academic challenges.


I gained international experience through a fellowship with Urban Promise International in the inner city of Camden, New Jersey from 2010 to 2011. Apart from working with and teaching amazing elementary and high school students in Camden, I also received hands on training in non-profit leadership and development. This experience challenged me to analyze how poverty and educational discrepancies exist in both developed and developing countries despite the economic gap between these two worlds. I have also worked as communication and education coordinator for UCC of Cheshire, CT, Friends of Children for Arts Society and the Nthandizi Orphan Care Project.


Along with some secondary school teachers I recently pioneered sponsorship program for the needy in Malawi. It is my hope to see this program stretch into other education issues that are hindering the development of education among the poor in Malawi and beyond.


It is exciting to be part of a vibrant and diverse CIE community with members passionate about improving educational practices around the globe. CIE’s structure is conducive for academic and also professional development which favors my immediate and long term goals. The program’s flexibility appeals to my interests in areas such as non-formal education in economic development, child war refugees in new education systems and quality education access for the poor. I strongly believe the program will prepare me in understanding effective international educational development strategies as I seek to become an effective change agent in the global south.  



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