Angelo Priscilla

I have now entered a life chapter I call reinvention (others call it retirement) and love scheduling my own priorities. When I first  retired, I took classes at the RI School of Design to learn something about  architecture and design. I would like time for a second career in architecture  but decided it was getting too late.  So instead, I learned just enough for  us to design a new home that we had built on Narragansett Bay. And  I loved the opportunity for such a creative process. It reminded me of  the creative times higher education administration offered in the 60's and  70's! 


"Reinvention" allows space to do the things I have always loved:   Garden Club, Book groups, lots of volunteering in the arts,  ...and of  course travel.   In January 2006 we spent a month in the Thailand hills;  spring renting a house in Umbria (Italy); fall on safari in Botswana, Namibia,  Zambia; Zimbabwe, S. Africa. 


In Feb. 2007 we spent ten days in Aruba and soon we leave for China  and Tibet . My husband (John Eng-Wong) is also retired but continues his  research in the Center for Ethnicity at Brown University. Together we are  working on a Food and Culture project (looking at ways comfort food transforms  itself as it crosses oceans and makes its way to the States). Our research  has introduced us to new customs, food and people.   Hope you are well and thanks for keeping in touch.  The Center holds  my heart at U Mass. [3-07]



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