Phillip Mutisya

Professor Mutisya has more than 30 years of experience in academia – in Instructional Leadership in Education, Instructional Training and Development in Education, Curriculum Development (Policy and Research Evaluation, Program Designing, Assessment, and Evaluation), and Professional Development for faculty and Education Professionals (K-20), at National and International levels. He has been a faculty member at North Carolina Central University since 2001.


He has been an Adjunct Full Professor at North Carolina A&T State University College of Education with the Doctoral Leadership Studies and Adult Education program since 2014.  He teaches a course on Global Leadership, Society and Economy, and directs dissertations.


He was Assistant Coordinator for African American student Affairs for two years and Resident Director for two years at North Carolina State University, 1987 to 1991. He then taught at Fayetteville State University for a decade where he was instrumental in the creation of a doctoral program in educational leadership. He previously established and taught Kiswahili in several universities including, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Afro American Studies), North Carolina State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill.


Philliph is a Lead Co-founder of the Diaspora University Town, a project by Diaspora Kenyans to advance education and apply it to the progressive development of Kenya and contribute to world development and sustenance.  He is actively involved in implementing the five year development plan of the Diaspora University.


He has published two books: with the National Social Sciences Press entitled “Conceptualizing African and African American Family and Cultural Identity.” The book focuses on developing a conceptual framework of identity and socialization for African and African Americans, a cross-cultural perspective with a focus on Afrocentricity. The second book is published by Book Baby - Amazon: “Kenyan Education System: Are We Preparing Students to Meet Current Global Needs and Challenges.” He has also authored numerous articles.


He is a member of various professional organizations and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the advancement of Educational Research. He is also the Secretary General of the newly founded Kenya National Council of Elders Diaspora. Philliph is instrumental in conceptualizing and operationalizing Diaspora as a concept and means to stimulate innovative development in Kenya and African educational system and economic development. [11-19]




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