Thisyamondol-Patrada Yomnak

 I am now running an activity center for children as well as a co-ed international British curriculum school, Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (Bangkok Prep) catering for 3-18 year olds. We are in our 11th year and have an enrolment of 731. We will be expanding to serve 780 students next year. I am here as the License Holder, Manager and Director of the school. [6-14]


I have been teaching part time at schools and running a Computer- English after school programme called System's Training. I also set up 2 international kindergartens, one in Bangkok and the other in Hanoi called System's Little House during the years. I sold the Bangkok one in 2002 to start this international school, called Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (Bangkok Prep) for which I hold positions of a License Holder, a Director and a Business Manager. It's a British System School with IGCSE and "A"Level programmes.


In brief, I am running Bangkok Prep full time, overlooking System's Training in Bangkok, a co-partner of System's Little House in Hanoi and teaching part time on a volunteer basis at a Thai school on Fridays. [1-11]




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