Training Workshops

Education in Conflict & Crisis Network - CIE with EDC (2014-2019)

The USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (USAID ECCN) is a community of practice composed of USAID education staff, implementing partners and others working to increase equitable access to, and improve the quality of, education in crisis and conflict affected environments. USAID ECCN was initiated to promote knowledge generation and sharing among practitioners, policy makers and researchers related to Goal 3 of the USAID Education Strategy: improved equitable access to education in crisis and conflict affected environments. 

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Professional Development for Community College Administrators from Pakistan (2015-2017)

The Center for International Education is part of a team working with community college administrators from Pakistan to help them develop a better understanding of community colleges in the US and apply that knowledge to their own institutions in Pakistan.

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CIE provides training for Afghan faculty members – in Baku, Azerbaijan

CIE faculty traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan to offer a workshop for faculty and administrators involved in the Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management (MELM) started by UMass as part of the University Support and Workforce Development Project in Afghanistan.


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Global Horizons Project (1989 - 2016)

The Center for International Education provides professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers in western Massachusetts through the Global Horizons project. Global Horizons strives to promote a greater awareness of the world community in Massachusetts’ K-12 schools by providing global and multicultural education curriculum resources and training to educators. The Massachusetts Global Education Consortium, under the Massachusetts Department of Education, funds the project.

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