The Story of CIE and Hills House (1960-2018)

Hills House was built in 1960 as a dormitory. In the early 1970s it was converted into office space and two departments from the then School of Education moved into Hills.


CIE, which occupied the first floor of Montague House in the early 1970s, moved into the Hills House around 1972.  CIE occupied the short leg of the “L” on the 2nd floor of Hills South and over the years expanded into a number of offices “around the corner” onto the long leg of the “L” on the 2nd floor as well as some offices on the 3rd and 4th floor.


More than 40 years of Tuesday meetings were held in the “L-shaped room” at the end of CIE’s corridor. Generations of students who passed through CIE have memories of meetings, celebrations, debates, and occasional family food fights held in the L-shaped room. Students and faculty alike have many memories of classes held in what became known as the Kinsey classroom at the end of the hall after Professor David Kinsey passed away.


At the end of 2015 the two education departments moved out of Hills into the newly renovated building which had been Marks Meadow primary school and is now a wing of the expanded Furcolo Hall – the home of the now College of Education. In June of 2016, after nearly 45 years in Hills House, CIE moved into the completely renovated Montague House (picture below left) where it now occupies the whole house.



In late 2017 the university began the process of demolishing both the North and the South wings of Hills House. By early 2018 the building was gone and the site was completely renovated as a new parking lot.  Note that the mailbox in the first and last pictures has not moved - the changes are in what is behind the mailbox!


Graduates visiting campus after a long absence are often surprised when they see that Hills House is gone, but are delighted when they travel to the North end of campus and visit CIE in its new home in Montague House.