Meet-up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mjege Kinyota recently finished his Master's degree at CIE and is now a lecturer at the Dar es Salaam College of Education. He met up with Fulgence Swai, a doctoral graduate from earlier. Swai was supervising teaching practice for undergraduates at the time. 

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Meetup in Nairobi, Kenya

Mark Lynd, Alicia Fitzpatrick and Jane Benbow met up in Nairobi where they were attending a training program on Evidence-Based Practice and Theory of Change for education programs from Kenya, Nepal and Serra Leone

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Meet-up in Istanbul, Turkey

Three CIE friends gathered for tea in Istanbul during a conference.

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Meet-up in Zanzibar

Three CIE members from different CIE generations met in Zanzibar while working on an education project called TZ21.. Renuka Pillay as Chief of Party - from the 1990s, Jennifer Chin as Senior Program Officer - from the 2000's and Mark Lynd as an evaluator - from the 1990s.

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Mjege Kinyota (M.Ed. 2013)

Mjege reports that he has returned to his position in the Faculty of Education at Dar es Salaam University.

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Meet Up in Utah

Bonnie & David Mullinix with Joan Dixon in Utah

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