Meet-up of CIE folks in Amherst – July 2022

In what is becoming an annual event, Ash Hartwell, Gretchen Rossman and DRE joined Frank McNerney at Kelly’s for breakfast.  A similar event (compare last year’s picture to this year’s to see how we are aging) took place in July of 2021. 



Frank and Ash are still doing some consulting work.  Frank is working on a project in Zambia so DRE shared the contact information of a CIE graduate, Anne Sikwibele, who was recently made the acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zambia.


Ash reports that he is “engaged with the Amherst League of Women Voters Racial Justice Committee and Town government, supporting the start-up of a new department, Community Responders for Equity, Safety and Services (CRESS), working closely with the police force to change the culture of armed response to 911 calls.”


However he also adds that his more important efforts “include the weekly Friday consultations on the links with Bob Miltz, and Rob and Toon Fuderich!”


Gretchen and DRE are pretending to be retired, but each still has one remaining doctoral student. [7-22]