Meet-up of CIE folks in Amherst – July 2021

In July of 2021 Frank McNerney visited Amherst where several local CIE folks, Ash Hartwell, Gretchen Rossman and DRE joined him for breakfast at Kelly’s - a local breakfast hangout.  BGW (not pictured) also dropped in for a brief hello to all. 



Frank talked about some of his recent consulting work in Uganda and Zambia; Ash spoke about his work with USAID on evaluation and pilot projects; Gretchen noted that the 7th edition of her book, Designing Qualitative Research had just been published; and DRE mentioned a recently published chapter that analyzed the context that led to the creation of CIE and its 50 year history.


All were excited to be able to meet in person again as COVID restrictions are loosened, at least a bit!