Gretchen Rossman publishes new editions of her best-selling books on Qualitative Inquiry

The 6th edition of Designing Qualitative Research by Catherine Marshall and Gretchen Rossman was recently published by SAGE (2016).  Among other topics, the book features extended discussions that cover strategies that researchers can use to address the challenges posed by postmodernists, feminists, and critical race theorists, as well as others who interrogate historical qualitative inquiry. Rossman notes that this new edition features a companion website that provides ancillary materials to supplement the book.  More details about the book can be found here (external link). This book on the design of various approaches to qualitative inquiry has been a best-seller since 1989 and has been translated into Mandarin and Vietnamese.


Also, with a 2017 publication date, the 4th edition of An Introduction to Qualitative Research: Learning in the Field by Gretchen Rossman and Sharon Rallis has been published by SAGE.  This introductory text takes the reader through key considerations in designing and implementing a small-scale qualitative inquiry project.  The 4th edition includes an elaborate discussion of systematic inquiry as well as a nuanced discussion of developing a conceptual framework. With a brilliant foreword by Michael Quinn Patton, this edition features a companion web-site with a variety of materials to supplement teaching and learning about qualitative inquiry.  More details on this edition can be found here (external link).