A Global Challenge - Education in Crisis and Conflict-Affected Settings

In November 2018, Ash Hartwell and Kayla Boisvert shared some of their work with the Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN) project in which CIE is a partner with the Education Development Center. Hartwell is a faculty member and the PI for the project, and Boisvert is a PhD student in International Education and is one of the CIE-ECCN Project Assistants.


Their presentation discussed the global challenge faced by education to respond to the increasing numbers of refugees, displaced, and victimized children and youth around the world.  The discussion focused on the work of the CIE-ECCN project to address these issues.


Their presentation highlighted the use of accelerated education programs (AEPs) as a way for children and young people who have missed out on education or had their education interrupted by conflict, crisis, or marginalization to gain primary school equivalent certified competencies. Such documentation can help them to return to formal education at appropriate grades or transition into work or skill training.


The various activities of the CIE-ECCN project are described in some detail here on our web site. In addition to the work on accelerated education they have helped develop Effective Practice Principles for AEPs, evidence gap maps for ECCN education, and a Safer Learning Environment Assessment toolkit.


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